Trainings & Workshops

Expert Faculty - Anupma Maheshwari


We are constantly committed to adding value to the society by conducting various training sessions and workshops hosted by various field experts. The beneficiaries of training and workshops include Counsellors, Career Counsellors, Students, Teachers, Working Professionals and Parents.




Some of the recent training undertaken are:

Training for aspiring Career Counsellors on “Certified Career Mentorship Training Program”.
Training For Counsellors on ‘Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills”.
• Workshop for Students on “Making Right Career Choices”
• Workshop for Career Counsellors on” Impact of Career Counselling”.
• Workshop for Counsellors on “Career Counselling is the need of the hour”.
• Career Guidance Session organized by World Vision for Adolescents of Urban Slums of Bhopal
• Orientation Workshop on various settings used in a Counselling Centre
• Orientation Workshop on “Role of Parents in Career Counselling’
• Orientation Workshop on “ Role Of Teachers in Career Decision of Students”
• Orientation Workshop on “Role Of Principal in “Facilitating Career Counselling and Guidance Services in school”.

Other Workshops undertaken were

• Training for Mentors on Reproductive Health
• Training Session Organised by Rajya Sikhsha on Identification, Assessment and Evaluation of Children with Learning Disability
• Training Session at Government Concept School
• Session on Empowering Adolescent Girls at Shyam Nagar
• Seminar on Juvenile Delinquency at Jagran Lakecity University
• Parenting Workshop at Asnani School
• Capacity Builder Workshop for Members of Child Welfare Committee of MP at NLIU Bhopal
• Orientation Workshop on Special Needs Children for the students of RIE
• Workshop for Empowering Parents with Specially Abled kids