Module Development


Module development by Inherent talent
Module development by Inherent talent

A module is essentially a descriptive document on a variety of topics that are focused, case-based and practical. The content within a module is designed and created, to support the learner’s intake and retention of the information it contains. Several modules are grouped to create step-by-step learning. Module-based learning helps in achieving the training/workshop goals with maximum benefit to the participant

We Develop Modules on Adolescents Issues, Life Skills, Special Education, Counselling and Career Counselling for UNFPA, UNICEF, NHM

We deliver impactful module by undergoing the following steps:

  • Understanding our Audience and their Needs: We pay careful attention to who the audience is. Knowing them helps us determine everything from the tone of voice to the content formats we’ll use within each training module.
  • Breaking down complex topics: We break down complex topics into simple, short modules making them easy to understand for our participants.
  • Interactive Content: When planning and creating training modules for any topic, we keep Learner engagement on the top of our mind. After all, the satisfaction level of the learner in the first module will determine his/her interest in the next module. Thus, we prepare learning material that includes images, videos, interviews etc. keeping the audience engaged at all times.
  • Adding Knowledge checks: Quizzes, Rapid Fires and small oral/written tests are a great way to break up training modules and reiterate the important points being made throughout the course.

Building a Module is a great privilege, but also a great responsibility and we aim to provide you with the best!