Certified Career Mentorship Training Program

career mentorship program
career mentorship program

Empower your skills to trigger the change.
NEP20 on Vocations/Careers
1)More focus on Vocational Studies at School level.
2) Every child to learn at least one vocation and exposed to several more.
3)By 2025, at least 50% of learners through the school and higher education system shall have exposure to vocational education
4) Vocational courses through online mode will also be made available.
5) More emphasis on helping students choosing their vocations.
6) Greater attention to Life and Career Aspirations.
7)Flexibility in subject choices.
8) Students can pursue full-on vocational subjects from class 11 onwards.

Training Program,

An online skill-based training program is rare. Inherent Talent’s certified career mentorship training program with e-certification is unique all in one guide to career counselling and inherent talent mentoring in India. Our course takes you through everything that you need to know about career counselling.

This certification program prepares you for:

  • Empower your skills to trigger the change coming in the education field #TriggerTheChangeNEP20
  • To guide an individual on what steps to follow to choose the right career based on their inherent talent
  • Insight into career counselling
  • Clearly defined process of career counselling
  • Understanding of different psychometric tests used in it.
  • Administration and Interpretation of tests 
  • Knowledge of different learning styles 
  • Inherent talent tapping and Mapping
  •  Preparing case studies
  • Guiding the students for their future careers
  •  How to Interact with parents 
  • Exposure to various policies relating to counselling.
  • Give general career counselling tips and advice

Who can take this program?

  • Budding Career Counsellor
  • Beginner Counsellors with Psychology/Social Work / Counselling Background
  • Psychology UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Social Work UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Students
  • Psychiatric Nursing Students
  • Human development PG students