It’s safe to say that I was the kid that you’d find scribbled on the back of their notebooks, usually their favorite characters. Every time I had a project in school, I would jump to do the creative part, design logos. You could say that I was a closet artist.


During my “years that make or break your career” my ART remained in the closet. I had completely forgotten about it and for a while, I even started to believe that I no longer know how to draw or sketch. That it was just a phase and it’s probably not coming back.


But this one fateful evening, I decided to pick up a pencil and doodle something very random. And to my utter surprise, I was able to draw it exactly as it was without any hiccups. Since then, I have not stopped creating. ( I guess I am too scared to lose it again).


It is often believed that one can either follow a passion or profession. While I chose to professionally pursue law, it did not mean that I’d give up on art entirely.

Over these years, I’ve found a way to coincide with these. For example, as a law student, I have to study subjects such as Intellectual Property Rights. So while I was at it, I decided to find a middle ground where I can both pursue my interest as well as study the subjects that I am required to. I started picking out topics such as Patenting/ Copyright in Designs and Designers, so it gave me the opportunity to use my existing knowledge as well as know a lot more about art.

Once I grew confident with the lead pencil, I shifted to the digital pencil (creating on procreate ). I guess I’ve hit the sweet spot and I never want to stop creating.


-Kartikey Bhatia


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