Greetings personnel,

I wish to give a brief overview on the thought process that went behind my choice of career. I hope this sheds some light on my decision making ability towards my profession and its relevant front.


Every year in middle school I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up; and I had a different answer every time. By the time I reached 8th grade, I saw my older brother making his choice towards the discipline of Science; on track to become a ‘doctor’. Following the sibling social stigma, I too was asked, “What will it be for you Siddhant: Engineering or Medicine?”. Staring at my brother’s 400 page book with jargons of anatomy, the scared me replied ‘Not a doctor!!!” So, my decision to choose my career thereby became Engineering by virtue of elimination. After all, I did like machines, so why not be an engineer?


I didn’t think too deeply about this for the next few years. Engineering was a respectable profession that people said had a lot of ‘scope’. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I trusted society, I guess. So I studied well and scored decently in the Common Entrance Test (CET). I knew I was not cut out for the tougher ones. If you know, you know! Although I felt I was more suited to be a Mechanical Engineer, life offered an admission in the stream of Electronics Engineering which I believe was fate. Even in college, I studied mostly because I felt the need to clear exams. And because I understood what was taught, engineering didn’t seem that difficult. With a similar attitude I applied to universities in the U.S. for a Masters’ program and got in right after I held my college degree.


Today, I am a 6th year doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering. Although still a student, I see my profession differently. I see it as my comfort zone. Somehow adapting, accepting and respecting the decision made by my 16 year old counterpart, has led me to enjoy and appreciate my career. I am still unclear on what exactly I would do after I graduate, but I’l know when I know, and thats completely alright.


One can say that in my case, this streamlined career choice happened organically. I went with the flow, it came to me, it was my calling! But heart of hearts I knew all along that this is WHO I was meant to be!

  • Siddhant Sharma
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