Numbers have always interested me from the beginning. I was really good with numbers from a young age and when the decision came to decide my career path, I went ahead and chose Finance as my professional career. I completed my Graduation in Financial Markets from KC College of Commerce, Mumbai and currently I am pursuing CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) along with my job.

I am also planning to do an MBA in finance. I aim to become an Investment banker down the line. Mumbai being the financial capital of the country offers extra incentive to study and work. The city provides a plethora of opportunities for networking and internship as the city is the home to major domestic and foreign banks and fund houses. 

Finance as an industry is highly competitive and one has to be at their absolute best to survive and grow in this industry. It is going through tremendous changes right now. Skills such as data science and machine learning are gaining traction and are becoming must-haves. Also, one has to be mentally sure to get into the field of finance because it has strenuous working hours and work invariably takes precedence over all the other aspects of life. Though, you are compensated with huge paychecks and bonuses. Thus if you are a numbers guy with strong analytical skills finance can be a right fit for you.


Thoughts shared by Rohan Agrawal