As a school student, commerce, economics, markets, always intrigued me. Being from a family of engineers, it was not an easy decision to make. However, in 11th grade, against the suggestion of many, I opted for Commerce.After getting in junior college (11th grade), I realised that even though there were several streams one could opt post 12th grade, Chartered Accountancy (CA) was considered as one of the most difficult and respected in commerce. And that is how I jumped into the course, with no knowledge about the course and what it takes to be a CA. 

However, it turned out that the CA course has a lot to offer than what appears at first glance. It is amongst the few courses around which helps one master Accountancy and Taxation along with in-depth knowledge of a lot of other subjects including audit, costing, financial management, law, etc. at the same time. It opens several doors for you to choose based on what interests you. Have a look at any large organisation or MNC, you will see CAs holding CXO offices.

We live in a dynamic business environment. With the economy and businesses expanding faster than ever before, organisations will require CAs to help them in almost all major functions. And this means the future of the CA fraternity is bright. 

As for me, I am currently with EY as a forensic professional. The forensics stream helps me use my accounting and business knowledge to solve complex operational and compliance issues faced by my clients and keeps me on my toes to investigate carefully planned business frauds. The Chartered Accounting journey has vastly contributed to my growth as an individual and as a professional. It continues to excite me with what it has in store and remind me that my decision to opt for commerce and CA, against the suggestion of many, was definitely worth it.

Thoughts shared by Yash Saboo